Born 1981 in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Jan Vysocky (wysozky) moved to Austria with his family in 1988, before the fall of Iron Curtain. Growing up in a rural setting in northern Burgenland, Jan began to explore sound through an old tape recorder that he used for sampling and composing. After moving to Vienna in 1997, he began using computers, discovering possibilities of electronic processing, creating new sounds, sonic micro structures and field recordings, which led him further into electroacoustic music. Jan delved into sampling and modular systems through workshops held by Wolfgang Schloegl of the Sofa Surfers and Wolfgang Musil at the local electroacoustic institute ELAK and attended classes for transmedia art at the university of applied arts, DieAngewandte.

In 2003 Jan initiated a compilation with young Viennese artists of electronic music, called Beta Jar. The project was presented in Vienna’s Rhiz bar modern, which became an international platform for many of the artists involved. For Jan, the experience led to a fruitful collaboration with Davor Mikan in the form of live concerts and an album release on Cronica.

In 2005 Jan set up in France. During this period he worked with musicians in Nice and Reims, experimenting with classical instruments and computer music. A frequent exchange with filmmakers in Toulouse led to compositions and sound design for movies and animation-films. During the last years collaborations with international directors and visual artists led to a body of work for cinema; feature fiction movies, shorts, documentaries and experimental video art. films

In terms of music Jan is collaborating in Paris with Arden Day since 2010 on electroacoustic compositions with prepared grand piano and other instruments, like the motorized “Boîte à Bourdon” made by Leo Maurel. Under the name “Unbehagen” the duo released a double album on the Austrian label nocords in 2016. In the same year they have formed along with Prune Becheau, Leo Maurel and Julien Desailly an improvising quintet called PANCRACE. Their first album was released on Penultimate Press, London and garnered attention in the international music scene and press. Their double LP was voted as one of the best releases of 2017 by the Wire Magazine, The Chicago Reader and on Soundohm. releases

As composer and live-performer Jan also collaborates regularly in contemporary art, dance and theatre scene; exploring the crux where the human body, voice and sounds may (em)merge. arts

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